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Laser Cutting Machine 3015C

Warranty:  13 months

Voltage: As customers’ requirement

Color: As customers’ requirement

After-sale service: Available

Brand Name: WMTCNC

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    1000w fiber laser cutting machine includes a cooling, lubricating, and dust collection system guaranteeing durability and longevity. The strict assembly process and the world’s top brand parts ensure high cutting precision and powerful cutting ability, so as to maximize the productivity and profitability of sheet metal fabricators.

    Specification of 1000w fiber laser

    Cutting range3000mm*1500mm
    Max. linkage speed60m/min
    Tube size rangeRound tube    Φ20-Φ220mm
    Square tube   Φ20-Φ150mm
    Max. loading of pneumatic chuck300kg
    Automatic adjustment of cutting gas pressureO2
    Automatic tube inspectionEdge-seeking, center-finding
    Table load bearing750kg
    Machine overall dimensionsWith 3m rotating shaft: 5200*3600*2000mm
    With 6m rotating shaft: 8200*3600*2000mm
    Overall weightWith 3m rotating shaft: 3750kg
    With 6m rotating shaft: 4209kg
    Z axis travel315mm
    Max. acceleration0.6G
    Positioning accuracy±0.03mm
    Repositioning accuracy±0.02mm
    Requirements for tubesDiameter<φ50mm
    Wall thickness of tubes≥1.2mm;
    Wall thickness≥2.5% of Diameters of tubes
    Min. tube material surplus110mm
    W axis rotation angleUnlimited n*360
    Max. rotational speed of W axis75RPM
    3m rotary axis positioning accuracy0.03mm
    Repeated positioning accuracy of 3m rotating axis0.02mm
    6m rotary axis positioning accuracy0.03mm
    Repeated positioning accuracy of 6m rotary axis0.02mm
    U axis max. moving speed50m/min
    20mm square position size difference≤0.50mm

    Main Features of 1000w fiber laser

    • High impact resistance performance, Good integrity, rigidity and toughness.
    • Integrated casting aluminum beam, no rivet nailing at two ends, more stable.
    • Professional sheet cutting system cypcut 2000C
    • More user-friendly human-machine interaction.
    • Simple, economical, practical and convenient.
    • Highly integrated and highly intelligent with file reading, design, output and processing control all in one.
    • Cast aluminum crossbeam. It adopts the low-pressure steel film casting process, so the crossbeam has the characteristics of high density, high rigidity and lightweight, which can obtain a higher dynamic response and improve processing efficiency.

    Machine Details

    1000w fiber laser1000w fiber laser

    Product Samples

    1000w fiber laser cutting machine has a wide range of applications. It is usually used in automobile manufacturing, hardware products, kitchenware, sheet metal processing, advertising industry, lighting processing, fitness equipment and other popular industries.

    1000w fiber laser working samples

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