New Product – DK7632 CNC Slow-Wire EDM Cutting Machine


DK7632 CNC slow-Wire EDM Cutting Machine can process kinds of conducting materials such as stainless steel, heat-resistant steel, hardened steel, hard alloy, especially suitable for machining dies such as punch dies, progressive die, hard alloy accuracy sintering die with high processing accuracy and high roughness. The machine has high precision, good reliability, rich NC feature, low price with high performance with cost, which is ideal for mold manufacturing.


  • Efficient pulse power without resistance, maximum cutting speed is greater than 200 mm2/ min.
  • Cutting Accuracy ≤ +/- 0.005mm.
  • The bottom surface roughness Ra ≤ 0.6μm.
  • AE Anti-electrolysis power supply ensures excellent cutting surface quality.
  • Maximum cut slope is +/- 15 degrees / 100mm.

Specification of EDM Cutting Machine

Travel of work table (X/Y axis)320x500mm
Travel of U, V axis+/- 50mm
Travel of Z axis250mm
Work table size720×490
Max. workpiecesize900x670x260
Max. cutting thickness210mm
Max. workpiece weight500kg
Max. cutting slope+/-15 degrees/100mm
Using wire electrode diameter range0.15~¢0.3mm
Wire electrode tension2-15N
Wire electrode running speed1-12m/min

Machining real objects

1.Anti- electrolysis power machining effect(left part)

Figure of left part cutting seam adopts Anti- electrolysis power machining and the surface doesn’t have electrolysis trace. The right part adopts conventional slow-wire machine processing and the surface has intense blue dizzy trace.

2.Taper cutting effect

EDM-Cutting-Machine workpieces (4)

Can cut kinds of taper shapes

EDM-Cutting-Machine workpieces (3)

Max. Cutting taper is 15 degrees /100mm/single-side

3.Accurate cutting effects

EDM-Cutting-Machine workpieces (2)

Cutting accuracy can reach up to +/- 0.005mm

4.Roughness cutting effect

EDM-Cutting-Machine workpieces (1)

Machining surface roughness can reach up to Ra0.5um