What’s the different of router cnc machine and CNC cutting machine?


The main functions of the router cnc machine and CNC cutting machine are different.


1. The CNC cutting machine is mainly used to open the panel furniture, and it also has the functions of punching, slotting, milling, engraving, etc. The router cnc machine is mainly used to engrave various patterns, door shapes, or various three-dimensional Carving and hollow carvings are the main ones. Although the router cnc machine can also perform cutting, its bed structure is not stable enough, and the performance of internal mechanical parts is far less than that of a special cutting machine. Therefore, the cutting work cannot be carried out for a long time, otherwise, it will cause the body to deform and process. The accuracy is reduced.


2. The processing power is different. In order to maintain the stability of the CNC cutting machine at high speed, the main shaft power of the cutting machine is generally relatively large, such as 6KW, 9KW, 12KW, etc. The power of the router cnc machine is generally relatively small.


The control system is different. The control system of the CNC cutting machine is relatively more advanced. It can cooperate with numerous design and layout optimization software to greatly improve the utilization rate of the plate. The software’s automation function is stronger, and it can automatically split orders, automatically change tools, and automatically open materials. These are not achieved by the engraving machine.


3. The bed structure and mechanical parts are different. In order to support the high-speed operation of CNC cutting machine processing, its bed structure is generally relatively strong. The bed is generally tempered to eliminate welding stress, which is more stable and durable. Since the cutting machine has more complicated processing procedures and more functions, the internal mechanical components will also be better. The bed of the cnc router is generally an ordinary bed, and the configuration of mechanical accessories is relatively low. And the running speed will slow down after a long time.


4. CNC cutting machine has a higher degree of automation and intelligence. Compared with the router cnc, the CNC cutting machine has more detection and fault tolerance mechanisms, a large display screen, and the operation is simpler and clearer.


5. Price difference: Because the CNC cutting machine has more functions and higher configuration, the price will be higher than that of the router cnc machine.