Common Problems of CNC Router


CNC router includes woodworking engraving machine, stone engraving machine, advertising engraving machine, glass engraving machine, laser engraving machine, plasma engraving machine, and laser cutting machine.

CNC routers as high-tech machinery, in the whole process of application, it is inevitable to have common faults, but how to eliminate the common faults is a headache. Now many customers in the purchase of CNC router, also stay in the use, for the structure and characteristics of CNC router is not very good grasp, meet some small problems at a loss, do not know how to deal with. Therefore, it is necessary to master the analysis and solution of some mechanical faults.


This paper introduces in detail the solutions of five common problems of CNC routers.

CNC router alarm common fault: over-range alarm, indicates that the CNC router in the whole process of operation has exceeded the limit parts, according to the following process inspection: 1. The design concept of the pattern specification is beyond the scope of production and processing. 2. Check whether the connecting wire between the motor shaft and ball screw electrode of the CNC router is loose. If it is loose, tighten the screw. 3. Whether there is a proper grounding device between the CNC router and electronic computer. 4. Whether the current coordinate value exceeds the mark value of the soft limit switch.

The over-travel alarm and elimination of CNC routers: 1. All motion axes are automatically set at the start of light output, always press the manual direction key, when the equipment leaves the limit position (i.e. get rid of the over travel point switch), repair the connection movement anytime and anywhere; 2. When moving the console, pay attention to the direction of movement, and be sure to avoid entering the extreme position.

No alarm failure of CNC router: 1.Insufficient repetition accuracy, check according to Article 1, Item 2.2. When the computer is running and the machine is not moving, check whether the connection between the computer control card and the electrical box is loose. If so, insert and tighten the retaining screw.3. When the CNC engraving machine returns to the mechanical origin, it can not find any signal. Check whether the proximity switch at the mechanical origin fails according to Article 2.